• Joe S.
    Wow!  Thank you so much for an entertaining and great day of training.  It was a building block for approaching the responsibility of using a firearm as concealed carry defense or home invasion.  I feel extremely comfortable to deal with these situations should they occur.
    Joe S.
  • Michael B.
    The perfect training facility and staff, begin 2016, with a greater understanding of firearm ownership and safety.
    Michael B.
  • Carol C.
    Top notch training and certification! Ken, Courtney, and their team are true professionals who teach every student be safe, comfortable, confident, and competent. I've taken more than a half dozen courses with them, and plan to do more!
    Carol C.
  • Elizabeth C.
    This is a fantastic operation! These folks really know their stuff! To top it off, they were not only knowledgeable, but they were amiable and entertaining as well! The entire staff makes you feel right at home while you are learning what you need to know!
    Elizabeth C.
  • Tim H.
    I have taken numerous classes, Utah non res permit, and HQL paperwork. Ken and Courtney are AAA++. I had quite a bit of experience, but watched them work with complete newbies, they are awesome.
    Tim H.
  • Tim K.
    I've been to three of their training classes [so far] and every one of them have been top notch, informative, and fun to attend.  Ken and Courtney, and their staff, go well beyond just the basics and will help you achieve your goals before and after your class.  I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend IOTA to anyone looking for firearms and security training.
    Tim K.
  • Melissa B.
    What an amazing training facility! Super knowledgeable and very helpful. I felt very comfortable and will be taking some self defense courses. I loved the feeling of being old friends and we had just meet! Top notch training and instructors!
    Melissa B.
  • Bill E.
    It had been years since I saw Mr. Brown and the rest of the family at IOTA; but nothing had changed, it was the same outstanding experience. I say family, because that is the feel you get the minute you are greeted. these folks put their craft and their customers first. No one talks down to you, and everyone is on a level playing field no matter what your level of knowledge. no one is expecting you to know all the ins and outs of firearms, just waiting for you to break some unwritten rule in order to call you out (and yes, while it wasn't me, i have seen that happen at other places that shall remain nameless.) No sir, IOTA is a comfortable friendly environment for people to learn the proper way to own, shoot, and carry a firearm. It is the only place that my FAMILY goes.
    Bill E.
  • Alison & Jim M
    Thank for your recognizing our Jimmy with the Golden memorial awards ceremony photo and kind words slipped into our packets on Tuesday. We were deeply touched. Most people find it difficult to be around us much less look at us without discomfort. So thanks for the direct eye contact and not making us feel like lepers too! We did so enjoy your class!!
    Alison & Jim M
  • Mark B.
    Thanks you very much for all your help. I am very much indeed pleased that I have finally found a resource to guide me through obtaining a carry permit. Trying to make sense of the info on the State of MD website has been arduous and confusing at best. I'll be in touch some more to proceed forward, and again, my gratitude.
    Mark B.