Individual Handgun Permit Qualification (PPC)

This 2-day MSP Handgun Training course meets the minimum curriculum of instruction in the the training and use of handguns as prescribed by the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, pursuant to COMAR, SECTION of the annotated code of Maryland.

The curriculum is designed to teach the participants about the legal, practical and moral applications of carrying and using a handgun for self-defense.  Blue simulator training guns (.38/.357/9MM) will be used during classroom instruction.  If you do not own a firearm, we will provide handguns at an additional charge for rental and ammunition purchase for range qualification.

Course certificates of completion will not be issued to participants arriving late or leaving early. To receive an MSP Certified Qualification Score Sheet, participants must successfully demonstrate all skills, and qualify on the range with a score of at least 70 percent.

Proof of citizenship, photo identification, and Employer is required.

SUPPLIED EQUIPMENT: Workbooks, Ear and Eye Protection, Targets

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Duty Belt, Holster, Pistol, and 120 Rounds of Ammunition


Introduction – Safety Briefing
Maryland Statutes – Firearms and the Law
Firearm Possession and Storage
Use of Deadly Force
Review Six Levels of Force Continuum
Safe Handling
Pistol Mechanisms and Operation
Building Pistol Shooting Skills
Pistol Maintenance
Written Examination
Course of Fire – Pre-Qualification
Course of Fire Qualification
Course of Fire — Re-Qualification

Cost: Contact us for details.