Chief Range Safety Officer

Chief Range Safety Officer

How does one become a Chief Range Safety Officer?

One of the ways an instructor may obtain the rating is by attending an NRA Training Counselor Workshop. If the Training Counselor candidate already has the Range Safety Officer rating, then he/she will be upgraded to Chief Range Safety Officer upon successful completion of the Training Counselor Workshop. The Training Counselor/Chief Range Safety Officers may also conduct Chief Range Safety Officer courses.

At IOTA, Certified Range Safety Officers may attend a Chief Range Safety Officer course put on by an NRA Training Counselor who also holds the Chief Range Safety Officer certification. This is an instructor-level course, so the Training Counselor must make sure that the individual has been through the NRA Basic Instructor Training, which is a minimum of six hours. This course, accompanied with the Basic Range Safety Officer’s course, is given to the Chief Range Safety Officer candidate. The Chief Range Safety Officer candidate will receive the Range Safety Officer Lesson Plans and Range Safety Officer Student Packet.

The Course:

NRA has a waiver process for those Range Safety Officers that are also certified instructors. Instructor/Range Safety Officers submit a request in writing to the NRA for the upgrade, a résumé of shooting experience, a letter from the range or club officer or manager on the range or club letterhead, requesting the upgrade and why, with a payment of $11.00 for members and $26 for non-members. A new Chief Range Safety Officer must order a Range Safety Officer Lesson Plan. When conducting a Range Safety Officer course, each candidate must be provided with a Range Safety Officer Student Packet. The Chief Range Safety Officer will grade the exams and submit the application, appropriate fees and course report form to the NRA Training Department.

Chief Range Safety Course: $250