Monadnock Defense

The Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS) is a basic self-defense and subject-control program designed for entry level or veteran criminal justice officers. The focus of MDTS is to teach students how to control and stabilize compliant and non-compliant subjects who are unarmed. The foundation of the MDTS program is the Escort Position.

Students will learn several methods to move to a position of advantage, and from there, secure one of two escort positions. Students will also learn how to handcuff compliant and non-compliant subjects, deflect an attack through instinctive one and two-handed blocking techniques and use counterattacking skills such as a punch, edged fist, palm-heel strike, knee strike, front kick, and a few others.

MDTS is a principle-based system that functions in three combat positions. Those combat positions are standing, kneeling, and on the ground, which is commonly called ground fighting. MDTS is a proven basic defensive tactics system that can be performed in most criminal justice environments where you are on patrol or been dispatched, day or night, inside or outside; whether standing kneeling, or wrestling on the ground.

This course is restricted to law enforcement, military, and credentialed armed professionals. Call for clarification.

Course Overview:

  • History of the MDTS Program
  • Instruction Methods Leading to MDTS Basic Course Certification
  • Use of Force
  • Points of the Human Body
  • Key Definitions
  • Balance
  • Basic Stance
  • Defensive Position
  • Patterns of Movement
  • Escort
  • Arm Bar Takedown
  • Rear Wrist Lock
  • Standing Handcuffing
  • Prone Handcuffing
  • Blocking
  • Active Defense Skills
  • Handgun Retention Skills
  • Relative Positioning
  • Plans of Attack
  • Handcuff Nomenclature 

Equipment List:

  • Duty belt with related equipment
  • Blue Gun
  • Functioning Handcuffs and a key

Basic Course: Contact us for details.